Cobblestone BridgeIn addition to Acadia's beautiful hiking trails, there are also over 45 miles of carriage roads built by millionaire philanthropist John D. Rockefeller Jr. between 1913 and 1940. Originally conceived as a way to give city folk an escape to the natural world, the carriage road system wanders through some of the best forested and lakeside scenery and is enjoyed by bikers, hikers, and horseback and horse-drawn carriage riders alike. Rockefeller also financed, designed, and supervised the construction of 16 majestic stone bridges that were built at several stream and gorge crossings throughout the carriage road system. Since each bridge is a unique work of art, it is fun to try to visit them all!

To navigate the trails and carriage roads of Acadia and find the classic stone bridges, get a copy of the wonderful Map Adventures Acadia National Park Trail Map or Diane Abrell's Carriage Roads of Acadia: A Pocket Guide. And for more in depth information on the construction and history of the bridges, please see Robert Thayer's Acadia's Carriage Roads book.

Below is the list of Rockefeller's "Classic 16." Click on a bridge name for more detailed information, maps, and photos.

Hiking in Acadia National Park

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