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Bubble Pond BridgeLocated on the northern end of Bubble Pond, this medium-sized, carriage-road bridge was completed in 1928. Bubble Pond Bridge is located right next to the Bubble Pond parking lot and takes the main carriage road over a minor spur from the parking lot. Parking here is extremely limited and the lot is usually full during tourist season, so riding the free Island Explorer bus shuttle system may be a better option. Nearby hiking trails include the Pemetic North Ridge Trail and the rugged Cadillac West Face Trail. Across the Park Loop Road, the carriage road continues to the Eagle Lake Loop.

To navigate the trails and carriage roads of Acadia and find the classic stone bridges, get a copy of the wonderful Map Adventures Acadia National Park Trail Map or Diane Abrell's Carriage Roads of Acadia: A Pocket Guide. And for more in depth information on the construction and history of the bridges, please see Robert Thayer's Acadia's Carriage Roads book.

Bubble Pond Bridge Topo Map

Bubble Pond Bridge photo (Acadia National Park) -- © 2015 Joe Braun Photography
The Bubble Pond Bridge is located on the north side of Bubble Pond a bit away from the water. BUY PHOTO
Bubble Pond Bridge photo (Acadia National Park) -- © 2015 Joe Braun Photography
A closer look at the stonework and the water chute. BUY PHOTO

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