Acadia National Park, Pemetic MountainBelow is a list of Acadia National Park's named peaks with notes and links to the trails that lead to the summit. Most visitors to Acadia National Park are familiar with Cadillac Mountain, the tallest and most famous peak on Mt. Desert Island, but Acadia is sprinkled with dozens more beautiful peaks, each with multiple compelling trails that lead to the summits. While the elevations of Acadia's peaks may seem incredibly low compared to the mountains out west, these hikes can still be strenuous and exposed, and the views from the summits are still breathtaking, especially with the Atlantic Ocean or various lakes in the background far below. The next time you are back on Mt. Desert Island, try to tag as many summit markers as you can!

To navigate the trails and carriage roads and hike to the to top of Acadia National Park's peaks, get a copy of the wonderful Map Adventures Acadia National Park Trail Map.

Hiking in Acadia National Park

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