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Cobblestone BridgeCompleted in 1917, Cobblestone Bridge is the oldest of Rockefeller's carriage-road bridges, and it is the only bridge made completely with cobblestones. (Future bridges would be made with cut pieces of granite.) As such, Cobblestone Bridge is loved for its unique beauty and is a popular landmark for sightseers and photographers with the picturesque Jordan Stream bubbling underneath it.

To visit the bridge, start at the popular Jordan Pond House at the south side of Jordan Pond and follow the carriage roads south from Junction 15 to 23 to 24. (This area of the park is a crazy maze of trails and carriage roads, so see map below.) Note that Cobblestone Bridge is actually located just outside of the Acadia National Park boundary, so bicycles are not permitted along the lower stretch of the carriage road; please obey all posted signs. Alternatively, you can hike the Jordan Stream Path with follows the stream and parallels the carriage road all the way to Cobblestone Bridge. While the trail is slower hiking than the carriage road, the scenery along the way is quite lovely.

To navigate the trails and carriage roads of Acadia and find the classic stone bridges, get a copy of the wonderful Map Adventures Acadia National Park Trail Map or Diane Abrell's Carriage Roads of Acadia: A Pocket Guide. And for more in depth information on the construction and history of the bridges, please see Robert Thayer's Acadia's Carriage Roads book.

Cobblestone Bridge Topo Map

Cobblestone Bridge photo (Acadia National Park) -- © 2014 Joe Braun Photography
Cobblestone Bridge--arguably the most unique and artistic carriage-road bridge. BUY PHOTO
Cobblestone Bridge photo (Acadia National Park) -- © 2015 Joe Braun Photography
Looking up at the amazing collection of stones in the arch. BUY PHOTO
Cobblestone Bridge photo (Acadia National Park) -- © 2015 Joe Braun Photography
A small waterfall framed by the majestic old bridge. BUY PHOTO

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