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Court of the PatriarchsThe Court of the Patriarchs is the 4th stop for the Zion Canyon Shuttle. If this is your first trip to Zion, get off at this stop for a short diversion. A quick and easy two-minute trail takes you to a little viewpoint above the trees and offers a good view of the mountain formations across the canyon that are known as the "Court of the Patriarchs." This collection of peaks are individually named Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, but two other formations named The Sentinel and Mount Moroni are also featured prominently from this vantage point.

While there are many more stunning views awaiting you as the shuttle heads up the canyon, this is a good little stop for a photo opportunity, especially in the morning light when the sun's rays have the formations in direct sunlight. Catch the next shuttle when you have had your fill. (The Court of the Patriarchs is also the starting point for the not-so-popular Sand Bench Loop horse and foot trail. Cross the road and take the hiker's bridge across the river.)

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