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Shore PathStarting at the town pier near Agamont Park in downtown Bar Harbor, Shore Path is a well-groomed walkway that follows the rocky eastern coastline of MDI for roughly half a mile, passing by the beautiful Bar Harbor Inn and several historic mansions along the way. This path is not a part of Acadia National Park, but if you are staying in or visiting Bar Harbor, it is definitely worth the time to take a leisurely stroll to soak up the scenery, especially at sunrise or sunset.

Shore Path was originally constructed in 1881 and offers great views of the Porcupine Islands and most notably, the nearby Bald Porcupine Island. There are many opportunities to get off the trail and sit and relax on the rock formations. One notable landmark and photo opportunity is Balance Rock, a glacial erratic that was left behind roughly 10,000 years ago.

Near the southern end of the walkway are several wild rose bushes growing alongside the path. To complete your walk, you can either turn around and follow the shoreline back to the town pier or exit west along the forested path to Wayman Lane and the MDI Hospital to loop back up Main Street. Shore Path is a beautiful little walk, but as this is located in the heart of tourist territory, be prepared to share the path with many others, from those on a slow leisurely stroll to those out on their morning jog. Note that Shore Path is open to the public due to the cooperation of property owners, so please be respectful of private property to guarantee access for others in the future.

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