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South Fork of Taylor CreekThe South Fork of Taylor Creek is another short interesting route; this one goes into the "finger canyon" just south of the more popular Middle Fork of Taylor Creek (and Paria Point) on an un-maintained, yet fairly well-defined trail created by a former park ranger for its rock climbing potential. A little over a mile long (one way), this hike may take roughly 2 to 4 hours and would be pleasant for the whole family.

Park in the lot roughly 1.2 miles further down the Kolob Canyons Road from the Middle Fork parking lot. For an unofficial route, the parking lot at the mouth of the South Fork of Taylor Creek is quite oversized! Our hike will take us right up the canyon to where it gets quite narrow. Cross the road and look to the left (north) side of the canyon for the well-maintained (yet unofficial) trail. The trail is fairly easy and keeps us well above the actual streambed, so your feet will never get wet.

The hike gradually takes us up to the top of an ancient landslide hill. Once at the top, it's as if we have entered an entirely different eco-system, hiking through a beautiful shaded forest of taller trees. Beyond here, there is no official trail, but easiest passage is right along the south wall. Soon after, you will reach a series of alcoves along the south walls where the sandstone is beautifully pitted (quite common for the canyons in this area) and climbers have placed some anchors for a few sport climbs up the "streaked wall."

As the canyon gets narrower, you can scramble up a few boulder obstacles to get a little further up-canyon, but soon enough, you will be denied. Enjoy the scenery and return the way you came.

Taylor Creek topo map South Fork of Taylor Creek Map.
Map for Middle Fork, North Fork, and South Fork.
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Joe's Spin:

This isn't the most exciting hike in Zion, but it is a pleasant stroll through some less-visited territory. The scenery above the landslide is quite sublime and well worth the moderate amount of effort it takes to get there.

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