Far from the crowds of the main canyon, the Kolob Canyons is the isolated northwestern section of Zion National Park, noted for the deep pink and orange glow of the area's Navajo sandstone formations. It is roughly a 40-mile drive from Springdale to the Kolob Canyons entrance at Exit 40 off of I-15; the Kolob Section has its own ranger station and visitor center. The lovely Kolob Canyons Road is a great five-mile scenic drive from the entrance up to a viewpoint of the finger canyons. This section of the park is much more remote and subdued than the main canyon, and hiking or backpacking in this area is great if you are looking to get away from it all. Landmarks include the Double Arch Alcove in Taylor Creek and the large Kolob Arch.

Rating: quick easy stroll. family-friendlyTimber Creek Overlook Trail

If you're looking to escape the crowds of the main canyon and see something different, the Kolob Canyons Road is a wonderfully scenic drive that gives wonderful views into several of the Kolob "finger canyons." The road ends high up on a ridge at a great viewpoint known as the "Kolob Canyons Viewpoint." The Timber Creek Overlook Trail is a short stroll that heads south from the main parking lot to offer more pleasant views from the top of the ridgeline. Sunset is a wonderful time to do this hike.
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TAYLOR CREEK TRAIL (Middle Fork of Taylor Creek)
Rating: fairly easy day hike. a Zion classicfamily-friendlyTaylor Creek Trail (Middle Fork of Taylor Creek)

The Taylor Creek Trail is one of the few official and popular trails in the Kolob Canyons section: a pleasant 5-mile (roundtrip) hike up one of the enchanting "finger" canyons. The hike is fairly easy, but the trail is rough in spots and a little bit of stream-crossing is involved. Along the way are two historic old cabins from the early 1900's. Eventually the canyon walls get get narrower until the route officially ends at one of the more famous Zion landmarks: the Double Arch Alcove.
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Rating: moderate day hike.North Fork of Taylor Creek

The popular Taylor Creek Trail heads into the Middle Fork of Taylor Creek, but more "finger canyons" exist to the north and south of this hike. The hike up the North Fork of Taylor Creek leaves the Taylor Creek Trail near the Larson cabin ruins and heads north, following the streambed as it makes its way around Tucupit Point into the beautiful little canyon. While not visited nearly as often as the Middle Fork, a stroll through this canyon makes for nice diversion.
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Rating: moderate day hike. family-friendlySouth Fork of Taylor Creek

Another short interesting route, this one goes into the finger canyon just south of the Middle Fork on an un-maintained, yet fairly well-defined trail created by a former park ranger for its rock climbing potential. This hike makes its way up an ancient landslide to make its way into the more secluded upper canyon. Eventually you will reach a rockfall that marks the end of the route.
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LA VERKIN CREEK TRAIL (Kolob Arch, Beartrap, etc.)
Rating: fairly strenuous hiking/backpacking. backpacking routeLa Verkin Creek Trail

The La Verkin Creek Trail is the main connecting trail through the Kolob Canyons section of Zion. Starting at Lee Pass along the Kolob Canyons Road, this trail runs almost 11 miles in length from end-to-end, heading south to loop around the Finger Canyons and then turning east to join up with and follow La Verkin Creek to the NPS boundary. An in-and-out hike to see the Kolob Arch makes for a strenuous and rewarding day and is probably the most popular use of the trail. Numerous campsites along the trail also allow for longer visits to explore the lonely northeast corner of the Kolob Section.
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Rating: strenuous hiking/canyoneering. technical canyoneering routeBeartrap Canyon Loop

The "Beartrap Canyon Loop" is a fairly strenuous day hike through a beautiful remote corner of the Kolob section. Starting from a base camp along the La Verkin Creek Trail, you can hike up the steep forested saddle between Willis Creek and the Beartrap Canyon drainage, which will afford you views into the mysterious Chasm Lake. Descend into Beartrap Canyon proper which is a beautiful little canyon with dense vegetation. The crux of the hike is the final rappel over Beartrap Canyon Falls.
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Rating: moderately strenuous day hike.Camp Creek, Zion National Park

This is a lost/forgotten canyon of Zion in the far northwestern corner of the Kolob Section -- more remote than any of the finger canyons due to its inaccessibility from the main Kolob Canyons road. The route follows an old access road up through the initial Hurricane Cliffs, then the trail descends into and follows the overgrown Camp Creek streambed. Not quite a slot, this is more of an open box canyon with interesting pitted erosion formations carved in the walls above.
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Death Point was a remote trail mentioned in the Zion Natural History Association's "A Guide to the Trails" back in the 1960's. The Smith Cabin Remains are a landmark mentioned in National Geographic's 2005 edition of the "Trails Illustrated" map. Both landmarks are currently inaccessible due to private property issues. The "Trails Illustrated" map also misleads you into thinking you can drive further down the access road than you really can. Do not attempt these routes.
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Hiking symbols used for descriptions:
a Zion classic ZION CLASSIC: a must-do hike if you want to see the best of Zion!
family-friendly FAMILY-FRIENDLY: a good choice for those with children who like to hike.
backpacking route BACKPACKING: a route enjoyable as a multi-day hike.
technical canyoneering or climbing route TECHNICAL: canyoneering or scrambling route requiring technical gear and climbing and/or rappelling experience. Not suitable for casual hikers.

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