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North Fork of Taylor CreekThe popular Taylor Creek Trail heads into the Middle Fork of Taylor Creek, but more "finger canyons" exist to the north and south of this hike. The hike up the North Fork of Taylor Creek leaves the Taylor Creek Trail near the Larson cabin ruins and heads north, following the streambed as it makes its way around Tucupit Point into the beautiful little canyon. While not visited nearly as often as the Middle Fork, a stroll through this canyon makes for nice diversion.

A hike through the North Fork of Taylor Creek is roughly 5 miles total though mostly level, moderately strenuous terrain and could take 3-5 hours at a leisurely pace. If you want to visit the North Fork in addition to hiking the Taylor Creek Trail through the Middle Fork, the total mileage would be roughly 9 miles and could take 5-7 hours. If your body is up to it, hiking both canyons in one day is a great combination!

Detailed Description:

Starting at the Taylor Creek Trailhead (located a little over two miles from the Kolob Canyons entrance), this route follows the Taylor Creek Trail as it leaves the parking lot and descends into the Taylor Creek streambed. After roughly .8 miles of hiking along the banks of the stream, you will encounter the old historic Larson Cabin on the north side of the creek. North Fork of Taylor Creek This is your cue to leave the main trail! Hike a bit past the cabin and look for the north fork streambed coming in from the left (north). The north fork is easy to miss if you're not looking, but easy to spot if you are looking.

Now in the north fork, it's fairly easy hiking along the streambed as the creek slowly turns east to make its way past Tucupit Point into the beautiful finger canyon. Soon enough, the stream dries up and you will be hiking on what seems to be a gravel road. Navigation is easy at this point, but a few sections of the canyon are a bit overgrown so you may have to push through some thick vegetation.

Near the head of the canyon, the wondrous sandstone formations become more visible above. One of the most notable formations is a beautiful sheer wall with a chipped alcove, hundreds of seep holes and a small arch to the right. Soon enough, you will reach a few boulders that you can scramble past, but turn around when you have had your fill or reach an insurmountable obstacle.

Taylor Creek topo map North Fork of Taylor Creek Map.
Map for Middle Fork, North Fork, and North Fork.
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Joe's Spin:

This isn't the most exciting hike in Zion, but it is a pleasant stroll through some less-visited territory. If you have time to spare after hiking the Middle Fork of Taylor Creek, you might enjoy spending an extra few hours exploring up this drainage as well.

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