SPRING CREEK (and Sweetwater Gulch)

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Spring CreekSpring Creek is a remote little canyon hike located in a BLM Wilderness Study Area, just north of the Kolob section of Zion National Park (one canyon north of Camp Creek). It is accessible via a dirt road that heads southeast from the southern end of Kanarraville. The road takes you to the edge of the Hurricane Cliffs and right into the mouth of Spring Creek. Park by the BLM WSA signs.

Detailed Description:

Spring Creek is a pleasant little day hike -- roughly 6 miles total (in and out) and navigation is quite easy: simply follow the trail up the open section of Spring Creek. About a mile up, the canyon closes in and the territory gets interesting. Spring Creek is not quite a slot canyon, but it alternates between several narrow sections and more open overgrown sections. The light stream that flows out of Spring Creek quickly dries up in the narrows section. Hiking is quite easy in the dry streambed and there are only a handful of obstacles to scramble over. Further up the canyon, the scenery gets less interesting as you reach a section of soil and thick trees and bushes.

But just as you think this canyon has lost all of its charm, you will see Sweetwater Gulch towering on the left; a beautifully tall and narrow section of canyon. This is the golden part of the hike and would make a perfect spot to have lunch. You can continue onward, but there are many boulders, logjams and landslides to overcome. We had a fun time scrambling up these obstacles and we made it quite close to the rim of the canyon, but we were ultimately denied. When you have had your fill, hike out the way you came.

Spring Creek topo map Spring Creek Map.
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Joe's Spin:

This isn't the most exciting canyon on the planet, but it was a pleasant and memorable hike. Being overshadowed by neighboring Kanarra Creek and the Kolob Finger Canyons, Spring Creek is a great little hike if you want to get off of the beaten path.

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