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Scoggins WashScoggins Wash is a short tributary of the larger Coalpits Wash and provides extra territory to explore for those hiking the Chinle Trail. There is usually a small flow of water in the upper sections of this barren-looking wash and while this isn't a destination hike, many will find a hike through this drainage to be an interesting experience.

A common way to hike up Scoggins Wash is to start at the Coalpits Wash Trailhead off of Route 9 and hike up the open Coalpits Wash. After roughly 1.75 miles, you will reach the confluence of Coalpits Wash to the left (west) and Scoggins Wash to the right (east). Hiking up the lower section of Scoggins Wash is fairly easy. While the wash is fairly deep, it is wide and sandy with no significant obstacles. After roughly a mile, look for the Old Scoggins Stock Trail that heads up the hills to the west to join up with the Chinle Trail. While the start of this little trail may be easy to miss, there is an NPS marker at the base and the trail follows a logical break in the cliffs above to offer a good view of the wash below.

Further up Scoggins Wash, the route becomes more difficult; as the wash narrows, it becomes more scenic with a bit of flowing water, but boulders litter the watercourse and slow progress as you find the easiest way around. Note that there are no significate obstacles that prevent hiking up or down the canyon; at the largest set of boulders, look for a path of use on the west side of the wash that bypasses the obstacle. Soon enough, the wash will open up again and you will join up with the Chinle Trail under the Towers of the Virgin.

Note: For an interesting way to hike Huber Wash, the Chinle Trail, Scoggins Wash, and Coalpits Wash, please see the "Joe's Best of the Desert" hiking idea.

Scoggins Wash Map Scoggins Wash Map.
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Joe's Spin:

Scoggins Wash isn't the most exciting wash in Zion, but the upper section of the wash, with its boulders and flowing water, can make for a sublime experience for those looking to escape the crowds. As with all hikes in the desert section, this could be brutally hot during the summer months, so save this for the cooler seasons or a cloudy/rainy day.

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