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Hoodoo City (Zion National Park)"Hoodoo City" is my unofficial nick-name for some very cool rock formations. Just to the east of the Hop Valley Trailhead is a beautiful cliff formation of many hoodoos looking down at the valley below. The hike to the hoodoo formations is an easy 15-minute walk up and over to the hills. Park at either the Hop Valley Trailhead or at a pull-off roughly half-a-mile to the east. Hike roughly northwest along the shelf above the valley below until you get to a spot where you can easily descend to Hoodoo City which floats above the lower valley. Children will enjoy exploring around all of the large hoodoo formations.

IMPORTANT! While this is a short an easy hike that may be suitable for children who have hiking experience, please be careful and watch over your children. Many sections of the slickrock hills have steep angles that can be more dangerous than perceived. Also, please minimize your impact on the area by hiking on the slickrock (whenever possible) to avoid trampling the vegetation or cryptobiotic soil.

NOTE ON MAP: The map below shows the park boundary in 1980 (brown line) and the park boundary as it stands now (purple line). The Hop Valley Trail is now completely within the national park boundaries.

Joe's Spin:

While this is not exactly a destination hike, it could be a fun little diversion for those looking for a shorter hiking experience with some interesting scenery. The view will probably make you want to hike the Hop Valley Trail to the Kolob Canyons.

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Hoodoo City and Hop Valley Topo Map

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