Yosemite National Park hikingWith over 800 miles of trails, Yosemite National Park has a wide range of hiking opportunities ranging from short family-friendly hikes to longer strenuous day hikes and long remote backpacking trips in the wilderness. Several roadside viewpoints scattered throughout the park also offer outstanding views with little effort beyond fighting for a parking space. Bring the National Geographic Trails Illustrated Map with you to find your way through the different sections of Yosemite National Park.

No fees or permits are required for any single-day hike along any of Yosemite's trails, but wilderness permits are required for:

Specific hikes are discussed on the following Favorite Hikes and Viewpoints page.

Hiking Conditions:

Hiking terrain ranges widely in difficulty, from the tranquil forested paths and bike trails in Yosemite Valley to the strenuous constructed trails that climb relentlessly up to exposed viewpoints looking down from the rim. And in Yosemite's higher elevation wilderness areas, many long and remote trails wander though the granite wonderland of the High Sierras. Yosemite National Park hiking Most trailheads have large prominent signs, and all trail intersections are marked with several metal signs that show mileage to important destinations down the trail. Yosemite's trail system does not use any markers on trees however, so following backcountry trails that are still covered in snow is typically extremely difficult even with map/GPS aides. WARNINGS:

What to Bring on Hikes:

Ethics of Hiking in Yosemite:

Yosemite National Park hikingSince Yosemite National Park gets over five million visitors each year, minimizing the effect of human impact is crucial. Please practice the "leave no trace" ethic, including these specifics:

Favorite Hikes and Viewpoints!

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