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Indian Point Blagden PreserveLocated on the remote northwest coastline of Mount Desert Island, Indian Point Blagden Preserve is a 110-acre preserve that was donated to the Nature Conservancy in 1968 by the Blagden family. A 2.5-mile hike (round-trip) through a lovely mature forest leads to the rocky shore looking out at the mellow Western Bay of the Mt. Desert Narrows. Please note that this hike is not in Acadia National Park and is surrounded by private property. Please be respectful of property boundaries to guarantee access for others in the future.

To get to the preserve, drive to Somesville on the quiet side of MDI. Just north of the famous Somesville Bridge along Route 102 (Main St), head northwest on Oak Hill Road for roughly 2.5 miles, passing the junction with Whitney Farm Road along the way. Oak Hill Road ends at the junction with Indian Point Road; turn left (west) onto Indian Point Road and then right (north) onto Higgins Farm Road. A welcome sign and parking lot should lead you to the trailhead. (Note: While Higgins Farm Road continues north, this is a narrow private dirt road with no public parking. All visitors must park at the designated Blagden Preserve trailhead.)

From the parking lot, follow the Big Wood Trail into the pleasant forest landscape as it makes a gradual but steady descent towards the coastline. Along the way, you will cross a private dirt road; follow the markers to pick up the trail on the other side. After roughly a mile of hiking, you will reach a second dirt road and a junction with two spur trails: the Fern Trail and the Shore Trail. Indian Point Blagden Preserve Take the Fern Trail to head straight to the coast. You can either explore the rocky coastline or take a trail at the edge of the forest to head to the scenic western border of the preserve.

Unlike the more famous parts of MDI that are marked by pink granite, the rock along the coastline of Blagden Preserve is predominantly Ellsworth schist; you can see the layered flakes of many large formations breaking off and crumbling into the ocean. For years, two red adirondack chairs have greeted visitors at a pleasant viewing area at the edge of the water. For your return hike, look for the Shore Trail to make this a lollipop loop. Remember that the hike back will be mostly uphill so allow yourself a little extra time.

Joe's Spin:

While the scenery in Blagden Preserve isn't as dramatic as the more famous landmarks within the boundaries of Acadia National Park, this is a pleasant hike through pleasant forest and coastline scenery, and you're likely to find respite from the hordes of crowds during the tourist season. Many blogs mention this as a destination hike for seeing tide pools, but I think you will be disappointed compared to the tide pools along Wonderland and Ship Harbor Trail. The coastline here is pleasant but not stunning.

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