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Menu Falls is a nice little alcove and waterfall seep located in Zion Canyon. This relatively unknown spot is so named because a picture of it was included on the cover of the original Zion Lodge menu. The falls are located roughly half a mile north of Big Bend, the 8th stop for the Zion Canyon Shuttle. As a random idea for a stroll, get off of the shuttle at Big Bend and hike up the road and then look to the right (east) for a short path that leads into the forested alcove. (Please step aside for any vehicles, most notably the shuttle buses!)

A very short trail leads to a nice wooden deck that has been constructed to look over at the seep and waterfall. The actual falls and waterflow are quite small, so do not expect an extremely photogenic Yosemite-type scene. The ambience and sounds of the water are quite relaxing, however, and this has traditionally been a prime spot for exchanging vows in the park. (Marriage ceremonies are also popular under the giant cottonwood tree in front of the Zion Lodge.) Please note that a special use permit is required for all weddings within Zion National Park.

After visiting the falls, you can continue leisurely hiking up the main canyon via a trail of use along the Virgin River until you reach the Temple of Sinawava (the last shuttle stop) after another half a mile. Here you can hike the Riverside Walk, one of the most pleasant trails especially at dusk.

Menu Falls photo (Zion National Park) -- Photo © 2005 Joe Braun Photography
Staring in admiration of the cute little stream...
Menu Falls photo (Zion National Park) -- Photo © 2005 Joe Braun Photography
Menu Falls is only about ten feet tall with a small amount of flow, but it is quite a charming spot. Let's get married here! BUY PHOTO

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