ANN ARBOR: Life Around Tree Town

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Welcome to my set of photos from around Ann Arbor and the University of Michigan campus! To see more photo goodness from all around Michigan, please see Michigan: Great Lakes Goodness! for rural landscapes or Detroit: Duality of the "D" for my Detroit set.

M Go Blue Barn (Ann Arbor, Michigan) -- © 2020 Joe Braun Photography
A wonderful cloud day under the M Go Blue Barn. BUY PHOTO
Michigan Theatre (Ann Arbor, Michigan) -- © 2015 Joe Braun Photography
The beautiful Michigan Theatre has the most luscious facade of any building in Ann Arbor! This photo can be ordered with your own personalized marquee messages. BUY PHOTO
Carl Milles Fountain (Ann Arbor, Michigan) -- © 2019 Joe Braun Photography
"Sunday Morning in Deep Waters" -- the Carl Milles fountain by the UM bell tower. BUY PHOTO
Burton Tower blossoms (Ann Arbor, Michigan) -- © 2013 Joe Braun Photography
Pink blossoms explode with color under the Burton Memorial Tower. BUY PHOTO
Barton Dam and Huron River (Ann Arbor, Michigan) -- © 2020 Joe Braun Photography
High water at the beautiful old Barton Dam. BUY PHOTO
Nickels Arcade (Ann Arbor, Michigan) -- © 2020 Joe Braun Photography
Standing inside of the beautiful old Nickels Arcade, the historic covered shopping area. BUY PHOTO
Ann Arbor Wall (Ann Arbor, Michigan) -- © 2005 Joe Braun Photography
"Welcome to Ann Arbor" windows located off of Main Street. BUY PHOTO
Singing in the Rain (Ann Arbor, Michigan) -- © 2015 Joe Braun Photography
Singin' in the Rain! A beautiful downtown mural painted by favorite local artist, David Zinn. BUY PHOTO

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