Joe Braun pondering the universe by Scott S.Okay... This is my little narcissistic page where I get to talk about myself for a few paragraphs. Many photographers have grandiose statements about art, spirituality, and the symbolism of the universe. In comparison, my aesthetic as a landscape photographer is very simple and straight-forward: try to capture interesting places and moments in time and show them to be as beautiful and inviting as possible. Since we can't always be in the places we love, we can at least take the image with us to remember and share with others. (Oh wait... that does sound a bit grandiose.)

I have enjoyed hiking and exploring mountains, canyons, and cities since I was very young... always taking photographs, and I finally started taking it seriously about a decade and a half ago. I don't really go after any overly artsy or abstract shots; I primarily like to take landscape images that make viewers feel like they are standing right in the scene. I find it quite rewarding to continually search for that elusive perfect shot...

Many people have written me asking for photography tips and advice, so I thought I would share some very generalized thoughts:

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