Joe Braun pondering the universe by Scott S.Joe's Guide to Acadia National Park was born from my obsession with hiking and photographing Acadia National Park. My family first visited Acadia several years ago and it was a magical experience that I have never forgotten. From catching sunrise at the top of Cadillac Mountain to doing several of the more famous hikes like the Beehive Trail and Acadia Mountain Trail and some of the more obscure routes like the Giant Slide Trail and the Pemetic Northwest Trail to seeing several of the majestic old carriage-road bridges, I quickly learned that every trail in Acadia has something special and magical to offer those who wish to explore.

Over the years, I have become obsessed with hiking every single stretch of trail on Mount Desert Island and tagging all of the peaks. And from talking with many of the people I have met on the trails, I realize that I am in good company! I have hiked most of Acadia's trails at least two times at this point (and some of my favorites many more times), always taking a lot of photos to remember all of the wonderful little spots that are hidden within the park. In 2013 after several friends had asked me repeatedly for hiking recommendations for their Acadia vacations, I finally decided to turn my experiences and photos into an online hiking guide.

My hope is that my site gives you a good idea of what hiking in Acadia is all about and that first-time visitors can pick out several hikes that are fun and appropriate. While some hikes are more exciting than others, I have never met a stretch of trail in Acadia that I didn't like.

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