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Altar of Sacrifice Sunrise (Zion National Park) -- © 2011 Joe Braun Photography
The Altar of Sacrifice in golden early morning light. BUY PHOTO
West Temple sunrise (Zion National Park) -- © 2008 Joe Braun Photography
Sunrise hits the West Temple. BUY PHOTO
West Rim Trail photo (Zion National Park) -- © 2016 Joe Braun Photography
A late afternoon storm approaches Zion Canyon and Red Mountain Arch. BUY PHOTO
Observation Point Milky Way photo (Zion National Park) -- © 2018 Joe Braun Photography
The Milky Way glows brightly above the main canyon! BUY PHOTO
Hidden Canyon pool (Zion National Park) -- © 2016 Joe Braun Photography
Reflective pothole at the mouth of Hidden Canyon. BUY PHOTO
Lower Pine Creek (Zion National Park) -- © 2006 Joe Braun Photography
Beautiful colors at Lower Pine Creek Falls. BUY PHOTO
Prickly pear cactus flower (Zion National Park) -- © 2015 Joe Braun Photography
Prickly pear cactus flower covered in water droplets on a rainy day. BUY PHOTO
Bridge Mountain Arch (Zion National Park) -- © 2005 Joe Braun Photography
A glorious view of the main canyon from the remote Bridge Mountain Arch. View the panorama!

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