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The Watchman TrailOverview:
The Watchman Trail is a short trail (3-miles round trip) that starts by the Visitor Center and leads to a viewpoint on top of the first layer of cliffs roughly 300 feet above. This trail doesn't actually take you to the top of the Watchman Mountain, but from the viewpoint you can get a good view of the distinctive peak to the south, as well as a good bird's eye view of the whole Visitor Center complex below. During the afternoon heat of summer, this hike could be torture, so the early morning is the best time for this one, especially when this side of the main canyon is still in the shade.

Detailed Description:
The trail starts around the Zion Visitor Center. Simply walk the road towards the main Route 9 road and you will see the trailhead sign on the north side of the road, on the east bank of the Virgin River. The trail starts out unglamorously, first hugging the banks of the river, then heading behind some employee housing and construction materials. The Watchman Trail Once we head into the hills, the area gets a bit more charming. For the next mile, the trail gets moderately strenuous, heading uphill and looping around a small valley until we are on top of the first layer of cliffs above the main canyon.

Once the trail heads back west, we reach the quaint viewpoint that gives us a good view of the main canyon -- the Visitor Center complex just below, Springdale in the distance, and the majestic Watchman Peak to the south. If it's not burning hot out, the view point is a great place to relax and have lunch. A short loop trail has been added that affords more views to the south. Once you have had your fill on the loop, it's time to head back down to the main canyon.

Random Notes:
Before the Visitor Center moved to its current location in the 1990's, it was housed in the building that is now the museum. Before this change, the Watchman Trail actually started further to the north (as shown by the dashed lines in the old topo map below). Since the change, the NPS has closed down this old section of trail. When the Watchman Trail was originally conceived, the intent was for the trail to go all the way to the top of the peak, but due to the difficulties involved, the trail was never completed past the viewpoint loop. There are still faint signs of the continuing trail to the southeast and metal ladders were even put in place in one of the chutes heading to the summit. (These ladders have washed away over the years.)

Joe's Spin:
This isn't the most exciting hike in Zion, and it's not the most stunning viewpoint either, but it is a pleasant little hike, especially if you have a few hours to kill in the early morning or on a cloudy day. One plus: this trail gets much less action than the more popular crowded hikes in the main canyon. Note: The trail is family-friendly, but keep a close eye on children. There are no scary or narrow exposed sections, but there are plenty of cliff edges to pay attention to.

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The Watchman Topo Map

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