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Emerald Pools TrailOverview:
Emerald Pools is a Zion classic: an oasis in the middle of the desert. The hike is a collection of short trails that meander past a small, lushly-vegetated stream that rolls down from the cliffs and forms several interesting "pools." If you have only two hours to spend on a leisurely non-strenuous hike with the entire family, I would probably pick this one. As this hike is not very difficult and it is located just across from the Zion Lodge, this trail gets crowded in the summer months, so be prepared to share the views with many other people. The trail is family-friendly, but keep a close eye on your children; do not let them play or run by the cliff ledges.

SPRING 2019 NOTICE: Due to trail damage from a big storm in July 2018, several sections of the Emerald Pools Trail including Upper Emerald Pools, Lower Emerald Pools beyond the waterfalls, and the Kayenta Trail (the connector trail from the Grotto Trailhead to Middle Emerald Pools) are CLOSED. Please check with park rangers for updated conditions.

Detailed Description:
The most likely starting point for this hike is at the Zion Lodge. Cross the footbridge and follow the trail that goes north along the Virgin River. (You can also get to Emerald Pools from the Grotto bus stop, hiking southeast on a little connector trail, recently named the "Kayenta Trail.") Emerald Pools Trail Total time for this hike: 2-4 hours (depending on how leisurely your stroll).


Joe's Spin:
This hike is a perfect short and easy hike for tourists and first-timers to Zion, but be prepared for potential crowds. Also keep in mind that waterflow in Emerald Pools is usually quite light, so if you are expecting Yosemite-volume waterfalls, you will be disappointed unless you are visiting during the spring runoff or during a rainstorm.

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