West Rim Trail backpackingCompared to some larger national parks, Zion is relatively small and doesn't have the numerous multi-day hike options like Yosemite or Glacier National Park, but there are several two-day backpacking routes that offer wonderful scenery and solitude, including the West Rim Trail and the La Verkin Creek Trail. Also gaining epic popularity is the "Trans-Zion Trek" (also known as the "Zion Traverse"), a 47-mile hike that connects several different trails to hike from one corner of the park to the other.

It is important to note that backpacking at one of the wilderness campsites is not the same as camping at the large campgrounds. While staying at the Watchman Campground or South Campground is more of a social experience with several amenities and facilities, the backpacking campsites along Zion's remote trails are intended for smaller groups doing long hikes in Zion's wilderness.

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