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This set is a teaser collection of my favorite and most popular photographs. All images are available as fine-art prints in several sizes and formats. Print orders typically take one week to process; matted/framed orders typically take 2-3 weeks. To see even more eye candy from these locations, browse the complete Photo Galleries.

Detroit Riverside Park sunrise -- © 2017 Joe Braun Photography
A beautiful cherry sunrise along the Detroit River under the Ambassador Bridge. BUY PHOTO
Scott Mansion, Detroit -- © 2011 Joe Braun Photography
The abandoned and feral Scott Mansion. BUY PHOTO
Farwell Building, Detroit -- © 2011 Joe Braun Photography
Wonderful old railings surround the lightwell in the Farwell Building. BUY PHOTO
Detroit's Historic Elmwood Cemetery (Detroit, Michigan) -- © 2011 Joe Braun Photography
Century-old figurine in Detroit's Historic Elmwood Cemetery. BUY PHOTO
Wayne State University (Detroit, Michigan) -- © 2013 Joe Braun Photography
The beautiful Wayne State University reflecting pool. BUY PHOTO
Detroit Opera House, Detroit -- © 2017 Joe Braun Photography
The amazingly ornate Renaissance-style hallway of the Detroit Opera House! BUY PHOTO
Packard Plant -- © 2010 Joe Braun Photography
Banksy's "I remember when all this was trees" at the Packard Plant (April 2010). BUY PHOTO
Michigan Central Depot -- © 2008 Joe Braun Photography
Art door with beautiful colors from multiple layers of old flaking paint. BUY PHOTO
Woodward Presbyterian Church (Detroit, Michigan) -- © 2013 Joe Braun Photography
Balcony view in the beautiful and sad "St. Curvy" Woodward Presbyterian. BUY PHOTO
Woodlawn Cemetery (Detroit, Michigan) -- © 2011 Joe Braun Photography
Queen of Woodlawn Cemetery trapped in a box. BUY PHOTO

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